Our Mission

Urban populations are the most disconnected from the natural world, a world that we need to survive and thrive. The concept of Biophilia, as defined by Edward O. Wilson, is the "urge to affiliate with other forms of life" (1984). It is an innate need that all humans possess and a need that is often not met. A division between humanity and nature has been scientifically proven to decrease our physical and mental well being and degrade the environment as a whole. If we are to evolve in our changing climate, this division must be rectified. Action to build regenerative ecosystems and resilient cities must be taken. 

Our mission is to reconnect humans and nature in urban settings through projects, research, and education. We foster the growth of highly functioning, productive ecologies based on a reciprocal relationship between humanity and the natural world. Through our built projects, we partner with nature to transform urban environments and gain an in depth understanding of how urban ecosystems and human populations can help each other prosper. Our Transforming Cities Project, an educational series, brings together leaders and emerging voices to present, discuss and debate ideas, leading to deeper research and real action.

Humanity is exalted not because we are so far above other living creatures, but because knowing them well elevates the very concept of life.
— Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia